How to Grow your Instagram Following: 6 Ways to Expand your Reach

With 1 billion accounts active on Instagram every month, all content creators have the opportunity to grow their following. The key is patience, dedication to your content, and engagement.

In order to help expand your reach organically, we’ve put together six pieces of advice to guide you in the right direction.

1. Post consistently

Show your followers that you’re worth recognizing by producing consistent, engaging content. Aim to post daily in order to keep a steady flow of content. Using scheduling tools like Later can help you stay on track with posting and allow you to plan content ahead of time.

Pay attention to the time of day that your content attracts the most engagement and prioritize your best content during peak days and hours. Recognizing the best times to post can help increase visibility of your content.


2. Engage with content and fellow athletes in your niche

Dedicate time to engaging with other content within your niche by liking and leaving genuine comments. Discover users with similar interests through hashtags or browsing followers of like-minded accounts and authentically engage with their content.

This can also include asking questions and developing a dialog in order to establish a connection and reciprocal following of one another.

3. Research and use the right hashtags

Hashtags are a key factor that help your content become discoverable, in particular to potential followers. Users can not only search hashtags but can follow them as well.

Study relevant hashtags in your industry and measure which ones perform best with your content. Use Instagram insights to track your content and utilize hashtag tools like All Hashtag to analyze and discover popular hashtags.

Remember less is more when it comes to hashtags. Instead of spamming your post with hashtags, choose a limited number that are most relevant. According to Spout Social, using 9-11 hashtags is optimal for gaining the most engagement per post.

4. Utilize Instagram stories and IGTV

Over 500 million users access Instagram stories every day which provides content creators with the potential to reach a range of new followers. This is also a chance to experiment with new and different content in order to discover what your audience is more intrigued by.

Adding location tabs to your stories can also increase exposure by allowing them to be featured in Instagram’s Explore tab. More than 50% of Instagram accounts use Explore every month to discover new content and accounts to follow.

Additionally, with IGTV having a dedicated space in Explore, creators have another opportunity to be featured and recognized.

5. Variate your content and post high-quality photos

Instagram is a visual platform. Give users a reason to follow you by creating an eye-catching feed. Once you’ve captured their attention with a relevant hashtag or an engaging story and directed them to your page, the next step is convincing them to click ‘follow.’

For example, @running.caro has built a following of over 100K including an excellent audience authenticity, according to her HypeAuditor report.

Upon reaching her profile, users are immediately captured with quality images, running motivation and a variety of original content. Produce images you believe your target audience will want to see and engage with throughout their main feed.

6. Develop meaningful connections with brands

As a content creator, what better way to expand your reach than with the backing of an influential brand in your industry. Staying involved within the Freestak community and applying to campaigns with brands you’re passionate about is a step in the right direction towards developing meaningful connections.

Remaining authentic and collaborating with brands that share your same values can open a variety of doors to new audiences. From features on their social channels, to connections with fellow creators, maximizing your relationship with dominant brands can play a big role in establishing your profile and growing your reach.


  • Create consistent, engaging content that maintains a loyal following and provides enticement for potential followers.
  • Spend time engaging with content within your niche in order to develop new connections.
  • Limit hashtags to relevant, high performing ones.
  • Utilize additional features on Instagram like Stories and IGTV in order to reach new audiences and be featured in Explore.
  • Put effort into creating eye-catching content that will captivate potential followers.
  • Discover new relationships with brands that support your personal growth and back the development of your content.

What has helped grow your following? We’d love to hear from you. Any advice you’d like to share with the community send to our Community Manager, Laura, at laura@freestak.com.


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