I’m sure you, as an Influencer/Blogger have heard of Twitter chats and probably have taken part in or two or more. If not, get in it now! Twitter chats are a great way to share, exchange opinions and ideas and talk about a specific topic. And not only that, regularly participating in Twitter chats can have a several benefits for influencers and bloggers.

Therefore, in this blog post I’ll look into Twitter chats, their benefits and how to get involved to get the most out of them. I’ve also collated the top Twitter chats for the outdoor, adventure and endurances sports bloggers so you can start chatting straight away.

What is a Twitter Chat?

In layman’s terms, a Twitter chat is a live event where a group or people meet at a set date and time to talk about a certain topic. They use a designated hashtag for each tweet and a moderator ask questions to start and keep the conversation going. It usually last for up to an hour.

Top 18 Twitter Chats For Outdoor, Adventure and Endurance Sports Bloggers and Influencers - benefits

What are the benefits for Bloggers and Influencers?

Why as an influencer and blogger you should get involved with Twitter chat? It’s more than just a fun event. From an influencer/blogger perspective, a Twitter chat offers an excellent opportunity for you to connect and engage with other Twitter users. And not only that; apart from having a great discussion/talk to people, a Twitter chat can help you improve the following; 


This is really a no-brainer. Take part in a Twitter chat to engage and build a deeper relationship with your followers. This in turn will have a positive on your engagement rate.

Remember: When brands select what influencers to work with, higher engagement is more important than numbers. 


By actively engaging in a various Twitter chat you can tap into a new audience. This way you can grow not only your Twitter flowing but also gain new blog readers and Newsletter subscribers (if you have one).

Twitter chats = more people to influence, inspire and motivate. #Winning


Twitter chat is a great way of building authority. If you keep providing valuable information, people will start to trust you and your credibility will go up. This will also have a positive effect on your written word/blog – people will be more likely to read it and share it when they know they can trust you.

It goes like this”oh yeah, she/he’s been there and has done that. I’ll listen to what she/he got to say.”


On top of sharing your existing content, participating in a Twitter chat can provide you with future blog post ideas. You can find out what topics were most discussed and what people struggle with/want more information on. You can also gain an invaluable feedback – test the topic you had in mind for your next blog post – ask people whether they would like to read it and see if there is an uptake. It’s direct and immediate.

And…who knows, you might even come up with an idea for your next adventure.

So to recap…Take part in Twitter chats to;

  • Increase your engagement and build deeper relationships with your followers
  • Grow your Twitter following
  • Tap into new audiences and grow your Twitter following
  • Gain new blog readers and subscribers
  • Build credibility in your area – A go-to trail runner in Wales
  • Source new content ideas and get feedback
  • Promote your blog, brand and projects/adventures you’re working on
  • Find new Twitter pals and friends for your next adventure
  • Learn, learn and learn and stay up-to-date with the news, latest trends and gear in your area
  • Find contributors/guest bloggers

Top 18 Twitter Chats For Outdoor, Adventure and Endurance Sports Bloggers and Influencers - conversations

How to get the most our of Twitter chats

To ensure you get the most out of the next Twitter chat, follow the below tips;

  • Tweet about it before: Tell the Twitter world that you will be participating in the Twitter chat – don’t forget to use the hashtag!
  • Do a quick prep: If you know the questions before, do a 10minute prep to ensure you share valuable information and interesting visuals.
  • Always use the hashtag!
  • Become a host or a guest expert: If you know the next topic is from your area of expertise, ask the host whether you can host it or participate as a guest expert.
  • Promote your blog: If relevant, share your blog post that is around the discussed topic. But do it in a subtle way and don’t over-promote it. The best way to do it is within the conversation…

 Example: I’ve written about that topic here. It might help you @user #Twitterchathashtag

  • Use tools: Monitoring such as Tweedeck will help you stay on top of the chat. You can create a stream for different chats so you can look back at them even if you can’t attend.


Useful Twitter Chat Tools

There are a several tools you can use when it comes to Twitter chats;

  • Tweetdecklet’s your create a stream for each Twitter chat using the hashtag
  • Storify – this is a great tool which will help you create a story out of the Twitter chat. Enter the hashtag and select the tweets you want to include and embed it in your blog post. Simple and easy! Seriously, go and use it.
  • TweetChat – if you want to start your own Twitter chat, this tool will help you to manage it.
  • TweetBinder – Get insights into Twitter chat analytics and check what Twitter chat to join next based on the number of participants.
  • ChatSalad – Get all the chat times converted to your timezone and receive SMS reminders about your favourite chats! http://chatsalad.com/

Top 18 Outdoor, Adventure and Endurance Sports Twitter chats


As the name suggest, this chat is about anything to do with running.
When: the 1st and 3rd Sunday @10pm ET and the 2nd and 4th Sunday @ 8pm ET


Chat about all things running
When: Wednesday and Sunday @ 8pm-9pm UK time


Brother/sister of the #UKRunChat but about cycling
When: Tuesdays @ 8pm-9pm UK time


Into triathlons? Yes!? Then get involved.
When: Mondays @  8pm-9pm UK time


When: No designated time; use the hashtag to tweet about everything swimming related.


Join community of vegan & vegetarian runners and discuss topics pertaining to the sport of running and plant-based nutrition.
When: Sundays @ 9pm-10pm ET (2am-3am UK time)  


Connect with other active, curious and adventurous people, discover new ways to enjoy the wilderness and discuss topics covering everything from rock climbing to travel.
When: Thursdays @ 11am-12pm MST (6pm-7pm UK time)


Join weekly conversations about adventure, gear and the outdoor lifestyle
When: Thursdays @ 7pm-8pm MST (2am-3am UK time)


Love skiing/snowboarding? Then join this weekly chat connecting skiers and snowboarders together to share their passion.
When: Wednesdays @ 7pm-8pm MST (2am-3am UK time)

 #CLIMBCHAT (not active at the moment)

For all the climbers out there – discuss, share and chat about all things climbing.
When: Tuesdays @ 7pm-8pm MST (2am-3am UK time)


Adventure travel Q&A – A weekly Twitter chat for independent, adventurous travellers. Join in and share stories of your adventure travels and experiences.
When: Wednesdays @ 10pm-11pm UK time


Join other adventure enthusiasts, share your stories and learn from everyone else’s adventure experience.
When: Wednesdays @ 3:30pm-4:30pm ET time (8:30pm-9:30pm UK time)


The largest outdoor adventure Twitter chat for beginner to advanced hikers, campers, and general outdoor enthusiasts. Tune in and ask questions, find hiking partners, give feedback on gear, share your outdoor adventures, and recommend the best places to hike.
When: Fridays @ 10am MT time (5pm-6pm UK time)


A contender for the people’s choice Twitter chat, #CampChat came highly recommended a number of times – even by the hosts of #HikerChat so you know it must be good. #CampChat focusses on campsite reviews, planing trips, and sharing your adventures. It’s your social guide to the outdoors.
When: Tuesdays @ 9pm-10pm ET time (2am-3am UK time) 


Travel-themed Twitter chat exclusively for women. 30 minutes of travel questions focused around a different topic each week.
When: Mondays @ 7pm-8pm UK time


Engage in discussion about hiking and the outdoors. This chat will help you plan and inspire new outdoor adventures.
When: the 1st Sunday of each month @ 9pm-10pm PST (5am-6am UK time)


The Road Less Traveled Twitter Chat
When: Tuesdays @ 1pm-2pm ET time (6pm-7pm UK time)


This isn’t a chat (yet) but feel free to use the hashtag to connect with fellow outdoor bloggers and discuss all things outdoor.

Have I missed a Twitter chat? Feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.


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