freestak is committed to all sorts of endurance sports and one emerging area that we are very excited about is obstacle course racing or OCR. Whilst it feels as though it has only been a very short time since the first OCR events came to the UK from the US where it is much more established, the popularity of these events is evidenced by the fact that so many people have tried an obstacle race and so many go back for more.

We have recently started working with one of the best known, most highly regarded and more innovative OCR organisers, Dirty Dozen Races.

Dirty Dozen is extremely well known in the OCR community thanks to a reputation for creating the best race courses and for a man that they call The Beard (also known as Doug Spence, co-founder of Dirty Dozen). The last race of the Dirty Dozen season was chosen as the UK OCR Championships and the qualifying race for the World OCR Championships.

We are tasked with helping Dirty Dozen to increase its customer base, position the race organisers and The Beard as the ‘go-to’ resource for obstacle course racing information and inspiration and make sure that Dirty Dozen races are active and engaged through social media.

Oh and we are all going to have a go at one of the Beard’s races in 2015. That will undoubtedly give us the insiders point of view!



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