freestak is two years old. Just typing those words brings home what an amazing thing it is to work on something that you really care about, with people who share your excitement and enthusiasm.

In November 2012 we realised that, in order to feel like we were doing something worthwhile; something that could make a difference, we would have to create our own business. freestak was born out of our shared love of endurance sports and two sets of complementary skills. And thankfully many businesses and individuals have recognised our commitment to the company and how much we love what we do. They have put their faith in us to help them achieve their business aims and allowed us to build freestak project by project.

The last two years have been amazing. We have started freestak, won some work, been able to employ two people – with even more skills and knowledge to add to the business – and started publishing Like the Wind magazine. In that time we have also made a huge number of friends in the endurance sports world and – we believe – helped some people to push themselves further than they thought they could and achieve more than they thought they would be able to.

We continue to be totally committed to endurance sports and focused on finding the best ways that we can, to connect our clients with their customers, via whatever means possible. And we are especially excited about the next 12 months and what they will bring.


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