Organisations with an investment in making sure social media fails
freesimon | 17 July

In our last post we had an extract from an interview with musician/entrepreneur/geek Will.I.Am in Wired magazine. It was such

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Spam and the difference a genuine approach can make
freesimon | 15 July

We have a favourite analogy at freestak when it comes to trying to explain the point and the value of

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Will.I.Am says “Forget The Consumer”
freesimon | 8 July

In the latest issue of Wired UK, a favourite read at freestak HQ, there is an extensive interview with William

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Climbing Everest and marketing your business: the similarities
freesimon | 14 June

At the moment we are reading a great book, called Into The Silence, by Wade Davis, about the first Europeans

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The act of giving
freesimon | 23 May

The two passions that are at the heart of freestak are running and social media/marketing. And this post is about

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We’re growing
freesimon | 3 May

freestak was born out of two passions: social media and running. Since launching we have started working with a number

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Would you be better talking to less people?
freesimon | 29 April

We are big fans of Seth Godin – a marketing wizard and modern-day philosopher whose daily emails are usually thought

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Taking the rough with the smooth on social networks
freesimon | 25 April

Another example has emerged of the power of social networks to chasten even the biggest organisations who don’t behave in

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What came first…? Action or communication?
freesimon | 12 April

Social media has changed the landscape of customer service and corporate communication, not least by making it very much more

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Word of Mouth is dead. Long live Word of Mouth.
freesimon | 28 March

There probably isn’t a field of human endevour where someone, or in all likelihood many people, don’t regularly say “it’s

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