Five ways to work with content creators to make a splash
freestak | 29 January

Working with content creators involves more than just paying. The world of content creators, influencers and brand ambassadors is in

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Mindfulness Tactics to help Content Creators Cope during COVID-19
freestak | 15 April

Mindfulness Tactics to help Content Creators Cope during COVID-19 Last week Freestak hosted a virtual mindfulness session with Dr. Ruth

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7 Influencer Marketing Trends 2020
freestak | 14 January

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. Ferris

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New Year. Same Old Confusion from the ASA
freestak | 9 January

No sooner had everyone returned to work for the start of a new year and, in fact, the start of

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The Running Event: Ambassadors On The Rise
freestak | 10 December

The Running Event is an annual trade show for the running industry which takes place in Austin, TX at the

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Nano power
freestak | 10 December

Nano Power I first heard the term nano in a science class aged 13 learning about the particles that allowed

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What Brands Can Learn From Man City’s Influencer Faux Pas
freestak | 22 November

The thinking must have seemed to make sense – Manchester City was scheduled to play a series of matches as

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Two Takes From the 2019 Influencer Marketing Show
freestak | 24 October

Two Takes From the 2019 Influencer Marketing Show At the 2019 Influencer Marketing Show held in October in London, the

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Out-sourcing or DIY content creators and ambassador programmes: what is the right approach?
freestak | 22 October

Should you outsource your influencer marketing or manage it in house? This is a common problem that brands, especially (but

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Influencer marketing events – useful and informative or just an echo chamber?
freestak | 31 January

Blogosphere: Serious Influence live podcast event Last night (30.1.19) our campaigns team went to the live recording of Blogosphere’s podcast;

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