Caxton FX is looking for athletes and adventurers to support as they undertake their dream challenge

We are looking for up to five UK-based influencers who are planning a sports challenge or adventure outside of the UK to help us demonstrate how using a Caxton Card can save you money, time and stress.

Caxton FX has been providing expertise in foreign exchange since our launch in 2002. Our currency cards with bank-beating rates, and international bank transfer services are used by people looking to make the most of their money when they travel.

As experts in helping people make their money go further abroad, we know how important finances are when it comes to making your dreams come true. That is why we are offering the selected adventurers a Caxton card pre-loaded with up to £500 each to support them in whatever they are planning to do – from paddleboarding to climbing and from cycling to hiking.

Caxton FX Influencer Campaign - Freestak Platform

Make your dream adventure or challenge come true and apply today


What you do should inspire people to take on their own challenges. It should also help to demonstrate how making the most of your money can lead to even bigger and better challenges and allow you to treat yourself at the end of your adventure with the money you saved.


You can apply until Wednesday 27 July and your adventure or challenge should take place between 20 July and 20 September 2016. The applications are run through the Freestak Sports Influencers Platform: create your profile and pitch us your adventure now*.

*The Caxton FX campaign is specifically designed for the influencers in the endurance sports sector (running, swimming, cycling, triathlon and outdoors) and we have a two-step approval process before you have access to the campaign and the content on the platform. This is all to make sure our Freestak community and campaigns are right for you.