Stories over breakfast and a discussion about content…
Alex van Oostrum | 5 October

‘Content. This brand asked me to produce some content for them, I mean doesn’t that sound a bit… wanky.’ This

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Driving social change
Alex van Oostrum | 13 April

Working in influencer marketing, we often talk about the power of peer recommendation and the momentum that can be brought

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The Resurrection of Twitter?
Alex van Oostrum | 30 March

With questionable financials and poor user growth, does this spell the end of the tweet as we know it? Apparently,

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Influencers: Partnering authentically with Brands
Alex van Oostrum | 15 March

Brand allegiance, loyalty, authentic messaging, do’s and don’ts With the rise and rise of social influence, more and more brands are

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Working with inov-8 to help launch its biggest digital competition to date
Alex van Oostrum | 10 March

Freestak to work with inov-8 to help launch its biggest digital competition to date with seven lucky winners set to scoop

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Strava – Your newest social network?
Alex van Oostrum | 1 December

You’ve heard of Strava right? The website and mobile app for you to track your athletic endeavours by GPS. Well it

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Creative Messengers
Alex van Oostrum | 8 November

Your design team has just made an innovative game changing product. How do you make sure that message reaches the right audience?

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What is ‘Social Influence’?
Alex van Oostrum | 1 November

A dystopic vision for the future of ‘social influence’… but is it accurate? Charlie Brooker’s, Black Mirror, Episode 1, Series 3 –

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Why and How To Pitch to Brands
Alex van Oostrum | 3 August

Why pitch? What to pitch? How to pitch? We explore your ideas, how to pitch to brands and why to

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How to write rad and relevant product reviews
Alex van Oostrum | 14 July

As a content creator, you have a network of peers who look to you to inspire, inform and perhaps even

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