No matter whether a spider is a tiny spec or the giant kind that sends you recoiling from the bathroom in horror when you find it in the bath, spiders spin webs. There are exceptions: some spiders find other ways to catch their prey – but without exception, they are the biggest spiders of all.

And in the evolution of spiders, web spinning is a new activity – they originally developed the ability to create silk as a way of protecting their bodies. Then they developed the technique of spinning a web to catch prey.

But what has this got to do with social media?

Well, like a spider needs to spin a web, all businesses should be embracing and using social media. Whether you are a tiny business looking to grow or you are already a formidable force, having a social media presence and then using it as effectively as possible, is essential.

Certainly there are businesses which can survive – even thrive – without social networks. In the same way that there are spiders that do not spin webs. But they are the exception.

Granted, in the evolution of business communication, social networks are relatively new in the same way that web spinning is something that spiders have developed. Those that don’t however – unless they are very different or very lucky – tend not to survive.

So now the only questions is how you are going to create and use your social network presence? Don’t worry too much about the size, after all it is highly likely that your social media presence will be appropriate for your size and will then grow as you do. The most important thing is to make sure you start, be consistent and conscientious and create the best quality connections you can.


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