A year or so ago, I dabbled in triathlon. After a few small races, I very quickly realised my weakest leg was the bike. I’d be amongst the first to exit the water and start cycling but the last to rack up and begin the run. I’d often bide my time on the longer-than-it-should-be ride by miserably counting the number of people overtaking me.

I’m fit and healthy and no stranger to exercise. How could I be that bad?! The type of bad that sees overweight guys on heavy mountain bikes and polo shirts easily beat my road bike and lycra ti-suit combo up hill. The type of bad where I’d celebrate managing to overtake someone with a puncture before they’ve fixed it.

On one of many moans about how terrible I was, a friend asked…

“How often do you cycle?”


The reality was, I’d been almost ignoring the bike part completely. I loved running and swimming, so I chose to spend my training sessions doing what I love, rather than working hard at what needed improving. Funnily enough, my once-a-month-ish outings on the bike weren’t enough to make any difference. There was no consistency.

Consistency is key. And this goes for anything. If you’re not regularly working on something, you can’t expect to see results in that area.

A brand’s social channels, their blog, they all give the business its voice. Each time something is posted, they’re expressing a part of the brand’s personality. So if the channels are not regularly updated, they’re silencing the brand and missing out on important interactions with consumers. It’s very hard to engage with a brand that doesn’t talk, so consumers will look elsewhere for information and to purchase.

The more often content is created, the more opportunities there are to open a conversation. And if those conversations are regular, the brand will begin to build a loyal community who will return again and again to see what they’re doing and saying, which of course is more likely to convert to purchase. If content is not consistent, if that activity dries up, so will the community.


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