You already know that the times are a’changing. That traditional media is not delivering in the way it used to. That the arbitrage that social channels offered closed a long time ago. You know that advertising on social channels is getting more and more expensive (and at the same time less and less effective). You also know that you should be working with influencers, bloggers, ambassadors or content creators – whatever you want to call them.

But working with influencers is not as simple as picking a couple of people and giving them kit or paying them to endorse your products. That is called advertising. And it won’t work. At least it won’t work as well as the alternative …

The Right Way to Work With Influencers

If you want to connect with your target audience, in an authentic, genuine and effective way, you need to first connect with the content creators who are talking to them. To do that you need to get a few things right. In this short – two minute – video, CEO Simon explains three things that you need in order to attract the right influencers to your campaigns.

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