We’re pleased to announce that we have been asked by OC Sport to help them promote the Harmony Geneva Marathon for Unicef, which will take place this year over the weekend of 7-8th May. We’re really excited to be working on this project for several reasons – we love Geneva, a beautiful city between the lake and the mountains; it’s a great race, fast (in 2015, more than 50% of runners achieved a personal best) and through stunning scenery of city, lake and countryside; it’s not just one race but a series of events over a family-friendly weekend all supporting Unicef; and the race has loads of potential outside the Geneva area where it is already very popular.

There were over 3,000 runners participating in the Marathon distance last year and we’re going to be helping increase awareness of the race and grow it outside the Geneva-area. As well as helping organise a great race weekend for the media we’re also going to be engaging with bloggers and influencers with wide and authentic reach into the marathon community to help OC Sport achieve their objectives. We believe that today features in the press are not sufficient to drive real engagement and it’s important to also work directly with influential individuals who can help communicate to potential customers thorough their passion and creativity.

We’re really pleased OC Sport have chosen our approach for their superb event. If you are interested in running the marathon or one of the other seven race formats, or think you can help us tell potential marathoners about what a great city and race it is, take a look at www.harmonygenevemarathon.com/en/ and do get in touch.


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