ashmei is a brand that reflects its name, which means ‘ultimate’. In every respect ashmei tries to be the ultimate and its online presence certainly needed to reflect that philosophy. So when we met with the founder and owner, Stuart, to discuss the new website, we knew that we would have to come up with something that no only functioned as a shop but that the team behind ashmei could be hugely proud of.

Working alongside John McFaul, from McFaul and Day, we developed a website that was visually arresting, full of great content, designed to fit with the ashmei aesthetic and that has a robust and elegant e-commerce solution which will allow ashmei to grow and develop without needing expensive website overhauls.

Every consumer brand knows that its website is an essential part of what it does and that a good website will tell potential customers about the products through the design and style of the interface as much as through the words that are contained in the pages.  The new ashmei website – known as Pursuit – does exactly that.


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