With more and more endurance sports athletes looking to push themselves ever further and take their adventures beyond the norm, headlamps are increasingly becoming a standard piece of kit. Whether it is for a run along a dark road or canal towpath or for a 24 hour endurance event, having a really good light to see where you are going is as much about having a safe and enjoyable run as it is about being competitive when the sun goes down.

We knew that when we were briefed to create a campaign that would bring LED Lenser’s products to the fore and ensure that when consumers made a choice, they considered LED Lenser, we would have to do something a little bit different. And so #epicLED was born.

The #epicLED campaign has a competition at its heart. We worked with AUSTRIA’S FINEST Experience Hotels who provided a week-long stay in one of their 4-star hotels, plus flights and Berghaus who will provide a pair of jackets for the winners to create a competition that any outdoors enthusiast would be delighted to win.

We then organised a launch event that coincided with the arrival of a new headlamp – the NEO – at a central London venue. Again, we realised that we would have to do something special.

We specifically chose a basement bar as the venue for our event because we wanted to create some drama. Once all the guests – journalists, bloggers and influencers – had arrived and been given a goody bag containing three LED Lenser torches including the new NEO, the lights went down and thunder-claps rolled from the speakers. Suddenly a couple were lit up as they emerged from a tent on stage and started telling a story about adventures and how their head torches had saved them many a time. Then the light switched to another speaker – an ultra runner who talked about epic runs that lasted two days. And finally a third speaker, the climber and adventurer Leo Houlding, was lit up and regaled the assembled journalists with a story of a fight for survival on a cliff face in Patagonia.

After all the stories, everyone had a chance to chat to the LED Lenser team, the athletes who had spoken and enjoy a few drinks, before heading off into the night… with their LED Lenser head torches to light the way, of course.



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