Advocates are the answer, no matter the scale
freestak | 3 April

In a recent piece in the Institute of Directors magazine, a panel of experts offer advice to a small, London-based

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The Resurrection of Twitter?
Alex van Oostrum | 30 March

With questionable financials and poor user growth, does this spell the end of the tweet as we know it? Apparently,

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Influencers: Partnering authentically with Brands
Alex van Oostrum | 15 March

Brand allegiance, loyalty, authentic messaging, do’s and don’ts With the rise and rise of social influence, more and more brands are

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Solve the business problem, according to Dave Trott
freestak | 19 February

One of the ‘must read’ articles for us each week is Dave Trott’s column in Campaign. He usually starts with

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World’s 3rd Largest Advertiser Turns to Influencers
freestak | 14 February

Imagine a business with an annual marketing spend of $8.2bn. Now imagine if 30% of that – say $2.5bn – was being

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7 Essential Instagram Tools For Bloggers / Influencers
Lenka Istvanova | 23 November

With over 400million users and counting, Instagram is definitely a social network that should be at the core of your

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Creative Messengers
Alex van Oostrum | 8 November

Your design team has just made an innovative game changing product. How do you make sure that message reaches the right audience?

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What is ‘Social Influence’?
Alex van Oostrum | 1 November

A dystopic vision for the future of ‘social influence’… but is it accurate? Charlie Brooker’s, Black Mirror, Episode 1, Series 3 –

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Promises: Their Importance in the Influencer Economy
freestak | 23 October

As more and more brands realise the value that influencers can bring, it is increasingly important that marketers understand one

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Olympic special – superb performance of Team GB, what it takes to succeed and the shadow of doping
freestak | 16 August

We’re now into the home straight at Rio 2016 and what a couple of weeks it’s been. Here are three of our

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