Wholesale Needs Influencer Marketing. Here’s Why.
freestak | 20 November

Whether you work at a cycling, running or outdoors brand, you have almost certainly had conversations about how you sell

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Age Is Just A Number. When It Comes To Marketing, Attitude Is Everything.
freestak | 14 November

Canon started out in 1937 as a business making camera bodies that used Nikkor lenses. In time the companies came

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Freestak platform: Now open to agencies
freestak | 24 May

Are you an agency? Are you looking for a platform to manage your clients’ influencer marketing programmes efficiently? As you

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One Reason Many Brands Fail At Influencer Marketing
freestak | 28 March

There are many ways that brands can get different aspects of their marketing wrong. A cursory search online will reveal

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Why and How to Ask Influencers for What You Want
freestak | 25 January

Getting One of the Basics of Influencer Marketing Right The reason that some forward-thinking brands are focusing their marketing energy

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A Brief History of MaxiMuscle and How Influencers will be part of the Future
freestak | 27 November

Zef Eisenberg founded MaxiMuscle as an eighteen year old, thanks to his passion for competitive weightlifting and bodybuilding. Through persistence, hard

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strava athlete
Claudi Schroegel Guest Blog – Tips on Strava Athlete Posts
freestak | 1 November

Claudi Schroegel Guest Blog Tips on Strava Athlete Posts   Strava Athlete Posts became available to all users a couple

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Two minute video: how to attract the right influencers to your campaigns
freestak | 25 October

You already know that the times are a’changing. That traditional media is not delivering in the way it used to.

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Strava updates – a new space for content creation
freestak | 20 October

Strava Posts – a new space for content This Tuesday Strava rolled out its new ‘Athlete Posts’ feature to all

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If you’re not talking to your customers, someone is. And they are winning.
freestak | 9 October

In 2011, Borders the bookshop files for bankruptcy. A big part of why that happened was the firm’s decision to

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