A tale of two great events
freestak | 13 July

Over the last two weekends I have been luckily enough to take part in two great events that have been

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Service, the Middleman and Progress.
freestak | 11 July

Tolls and turnpikes really flourished in the UK after the introduction of legislation to improve the quality of roads in

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Reaction speed matters
freestak | 8 July

In many areas of sport – and more broadly life – reaction speed is a crucial element of success. Of

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When an influencer is not really an influencer
freestak | 30 June

We were recently talking to a brand about how they work with influencers. The brand is large enough that there

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The challenge of search and social bubbles
freestak | 28 June

We undoubtedly live in a period of unprecedented levels of content creation and dissemination. The internet puts the power of

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Why grabbing attention is simple. And so difficult.
freestak | 19 June

When it comes to grabbing attention, not all attention is equal. As good example of this can be seen if

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Iterating on the hoof
freestak | 11 June

Field Marshall Helmuth Karl Bernhard Graf von Moltke AKA Helmuth von Moltke the Elder, was part of the Prussian army

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Is running boring?
freestak | 3 June

This week someone told me in no uncertain terms that he thought running was boring. I protested vehemently as you

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10 things we learnt about influencer marketing at our PEAK Conference
freestak | 28 April
Last week we held our first PEAK Conference on the hot topic of Influencer Marketing in Endurance Sports. It was
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Adapt or die: a tale of two retailers
freestak | 28 April

In the UK, two well established high street retailers recently filed for bankruptcy in the space of two days. British

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