Stories over breakfast and a discussion about content…
Alex van Oostrum | 5 October

‘Content. This brand asked me to produce some content for them, I mean doesn’t that sound a bit… wanky.’ This

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The silent land grab that’s leaving your brand behind
freestak | 7 September

There’s a silent “land grab” happening right now and it could leave your brand behind. If you have been monitoring

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Freestak Webinar: 5 Ways To Work With Influencers
freestak | 27 April

You are invited to join us to discover how dynamic, connected and relevant social influencers in the endurance sport and outdoor sector

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Keeping It Real: Keeping Your Brand Messaging Authentic
freestak | 27 April

News this week that Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is set to launch ‘Wikitribune,’ a neutral and high quality news service to

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10 Do’s and Don’ts for Brands Working with Influencers
freestak | 17 April

Many forward-looking brands have recognised the value that influencers can bring to their marketing mix. However, as with everything nascent, it is hard

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Driving social change
Alex van Oostrum | 13 April

Working in influencer marketing, we often talk about the power of peer recommendation and the momentum that can be brought

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Influencer Marketing is the next big thing for Amazon. What does that mean for you?
freestak | 10 April

Amazon is a huge business. Launched in 1994 as an online bookseller, it now has 300 million registered users and

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Advocates are the answer, no matter the scale
freestak | 3 April

In a recent piece in the Institute of Directors magazine, a panel of experts offer advice to a small, London-based

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The Resurrection of Twitter?
Alex van Oostrum | 30 March

With questionable financials and poor user growth, does this spell the end of the tweet as we know it? Apparently,

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Influencers: Partnering authentically with Brands
Alex van Oostrum | 15 March

Brand allegiance, loyalty, authentic messaging, do’s and don’ts With the rise and rise of social influence, more and more brands are

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