Endurance Sport Influencer Activity Levels Fall Due To COVID-19
freestak | 3 April

COVID-19 and is’s Effect on Content Creators. Freestak has conducted a two-phase online survey among our most active members, all

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Could PR and Influencer Marketing Add Value Right Now?
freestak | 27 March

How COVID-19 is Affecting Social Media and Influencer Marketing. PR and experiential event spending will continue to undergo a negative

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The Affects of Covid-19 in the Endurance Sports Sector.
freestak | 25 March

Overview of the Endurance Sports Market in a Covid-19 Climate. In the current COVID-19 climate, social distancing and self-isolation government

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Tag Ambassadors Freestak Feature Ambassador custom tags
Tag Ambassadors for Segmented Reporting: New Feature
freestak | 22 November

Tag Ambassadors for Segmented Reporting If you manage different product categories, different sports or different regions, and you run a

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