The Enriching Life Experiences of Content Creators
freestak | 16 May

The Enriching Life Experiences of Content Creators Creating unique, engaging content and sharing your passion with others can have many

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Stance Bike Socks Launch: London Store Event
freestak | 22 March

Stance has an unrivalled reputation for uncovering the uncommon. In every sector the brand launches a range of socks, Stance

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Five Common Challenges with Influencer Marketing
freestak | 6 March

We live in an age when anyone with access to the internet can create and distribute content about any subject.

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Three Ways to Use Freestak
freestak | 5 March

DIY or let us take the strain… Working with influencers is a hugely effective way to ensure your brand messages

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Top Tips for Content Creators to Appear More Personable on Social Media
freestak | 18 February

Top Tips for Content Creators to Appear More Personable on Social Media (Bonus: Fun facts about the Freestak team) Advertising

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Year-End Influencer Meetup Recap
freestak | 14 December

Year-End Influencer Meetup Recap A night of insight, industry experts and networking brought together a room full of content creators

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Apres Moi, Le Deluge and How the Early Bird Catches the Worm
freestak | 7 September

Yesterday our CEO Simon posted on LinkedIn about how the fashion industry’s obsession with influencers may be going through an

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WEBINAR: The 3 step process to run an influencer marketing campaign with sports influencers
freestak | 3 August

In this workshop available on replay, we dived into: The exact proven 3 step process we personally use when running successful Influencer Marketing

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Freestak at #UnboundLDN 2017
freestak | 21 July

This week the Freestak team has been immersed in the awesome atmosphere of Unbound London. Unbound London is an incredible

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Creativity is the most valuable currency
freestak | 8 June

We have recently read half a dozen articles posted by marketers from diverse sectors, all making the same point. In a world

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