7 Ideas for Creating Innovative Content during COVID-19

Have you been struggling with your creativity lately? With lockdowns, travel bans and worldwide restrictions preventing us from going about our normal fitness routines, many content creators have found it difficult to come up with new and innovative ideas to keep their audience engaged.

In a survey to the Freestak community conducted last month, we found that 62% of content creators are posting less content due to societal effects of COVID-19.

To help inspire your creativity, we’ve put together some examples of great content and challenges from athletes and creators around the world to stimulate ideas for your next post.

  1. Virtual challenges

“In a crisis, people need a leader,” Dr. Ruth Allen said in our recent virtual mindfulness session. Now is the time to be that leader. Think outside the box to discover new and exciting ways to engage and challenge your audience.

Virtual expedition to Everest Base@rorysouthworth

Rory Southworth created a group challenge with about 30 climbers to embark on a virtual expedition to Everest base camp. Using stairs, steps, or anything necessary to reach the daily required height, the team climbed an altitude of 5,364 metres in five days.


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Charge the day! . I’m two days into leading the #virtualEBC Expedition and I have only lost two of my team on the mountain and one to injury so far, I’m calling it a success! But we must carry on and conquer, we still have 4 more days to go! . The Virtual EBC Expedition is a five day journey of ascending the daily height of the Everest Base Camp Trek from your own home. With today’s height being 430m. . Feel free to start your solo journey to EBC or even catch us up! . . Follow our journey on my stories and from the below team: @keenan.wills @harvmania @davpye @gillymcarthur @gymwithgemma @tinaremiz @microadventuregirl @joshuabrex @steviecbarker @fellfoodie @hike_this_way @jamiemiranda1 @eddiefitz7 @leography @will.h.p.runsonplants @freya_adventureawaits @larakateadventures @beckythetraveller @maggie_outdoors @mattgibsonadventure @missblowfish @walking_with_thepoles @joeday83 @outdoor__exploits @roshawes @raineyrebs @amberosebrown @stivesmermaid #virtualebc . . . . . #timetoplayinside #expedition #everest #everestbasecamp #everstbasecamptrek #stayhome #adventureculture #stayhomeuk #adventureisoutthere #adventureawaits #adventureculture #ukhiking #ukhillwalking #indoorsoutdoors #getoutside #ordnancesurvey

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Quarantine Backyard Ultra

The ultrarunning community was inspired with a new type of challenge: a virtual last-person-standing race that had athletes running in self-isolation for as long as possible.

Runners were to complete a required set of mileage each hour either outside in isolation or indoors on a treadmill and upload loops to Strava. Zoom was used to keep in touch with race organizers and stream runs.

After nearly 63 hours and 262 miles Michael Wardian became the champion and last runner standing.

  1. At home adventures

We may not be able to travel or go on the outdoor adventures planned for these current months, but that hasn’t stopped creative thinkers from developing unique content at home.

Self ‘Ice-olation’@gillymcarthur

Fancy an ice swim? With her gear on and bag packed, follow Gilly’s “outdoor” adventure as she searches for an icy lake, or rather, bathtub.


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Today I’m off to a high tarn, you can still find ice in the Lakes, you just need to know where to look. (Sadly no drone shots with this one – just couldn’t justify that – a step too far on all accounts) •• Keep calm and seek joy in the small things. Special thanks to @charliewoodburn for the camera work on this shoot. ???? ••• Love to – @wonderfulwildwomen @theoutdoorswimmingsociety @outdoorswimmer @teambmc @hazel_findlay @shaunacoxsey @minaclimbing @fenwickridley @caldamac @harvmania @dryrobe @vivobarefoot @sweatybetty @swimferal @rorysouthworth @liamlonsdale @onelakedistrict #wildswim #ice #selfemployed #illustrator #mentalhealthawareness #mindfulnessmeditation #sharetheswimlove #coldexposure #happylife #risefierce #toptips #wonderfulwildwomen #wildswimming #outdoorswimming #recharge #onebreath #outsideisfree #gratefulheart #openwater #outdoorwomen #connection #coldwaterswimming #differencemakers #giveback @vivobarefoot #stayhomeswimmingsociety @iwsaworld @international_ice_swimming

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Kitchen Expedition@matt_kettlewell

As Matt Kettlewell lugs up his kit from the kitchen floor, he sets up basecamp just behind the fruit bowl to begin the world’s first expedition to circumnavigate the kitchen. View the full kitchen expedition and creativity in all its glory on his feed.

  1. Imaginative filmmaking

For those who have a skill in filmmaking, now is your chance to stand out. A ski bum away from the mountains and a decathlete stuck indoors both got creative by developing stop motion films of their sport inside. Have a look at the videos below.

Freeride at Home by @philippklein


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HOW TO FREERIDE AT HOME ????⛷ This is what happens when you force a skibum to stay home when I should be skiing! I made this video to cheer up a little and spread positivity during these times☺️ Click the link in my Bio to see it in full 4K glory ▶️ I hope you like it, it was definitely super fun to make ???? – – #gopro #HomePro @gopro @goproes #stopmotion #comedy #goproawards #filmmaking #protectourwinters #powderskiing #StayHomeStayCreative #timetoplay #loveskiing #freeski #earnyourturns #RabAtHome #WeAreRab #prayforsnow #backcountryskiing #freerando #freetouring #skimo #powder #snow #traveladdict #zagskis #alpinism #adventuretravel #PlayAtHome #barrabesexplorers #keepthepassion @rab.equipment

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Decathlon in a room by @simo_cairoli

  1. Creative home workout challenges & training

We’ve seen some great WOD (workout of the day) posts and indoor training tips which are wonderful for encouraging others to stay active. However, in order to prevent your content from being lost in the mix, create unique workouts or challenges that catch the eye of your followers.

Innovative training@sara_grip

Attention all climbers, no need for the outdoors or a climbing wall when all you need is a stable kitchen table to keep up with your training.

Dog Challenge – @runwithurdog

Andreea created a new type of challenge for her followers that consisted of workout challenges with your dog as well as yoga, or as she calls it, doga. She posted some great inspiration on her feed and showed encouragement by reposting others’ #dogchallenge workouts on her stories.


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Confinement oblige, on est plus présents sur les réseaux sociaux ces jours-ci ???????? Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont participé au challenge 10 squats avec son chien, j’ai bien rigolé devant certaines vidéos, d’autres m’ont carrément bluffée, mais en tout cas ça nous a permis à tous de se changer un peu les idées et s’amuser malgré la situation ???? Petit rappel pour ceux qui souhaitent participer : on encre bien les talons dans le sol, on relève le torse, on serre les abdos et, plus important, on n’oblige pas le chien à le faire s’il n’en a pas envie ???? Le but est de s’amuser ensemble, donc au moindre signal d’apaisement, on arrête ???? Mes chiens ont l’habitude des manipulations en tout genre, mais ce n’est pas le cas de tous les autres, c’est vous qui connaissez mieux les vôtres. Aussi, un grand obrigada aux amis brésiliens ???????? qui ont pris la relève outre-Atlantique ???? Ca vous dirait, d’autres challenges avec vos poilus ? ???? #doggysquatchallenge #bergeraustalien #bleumerle #australienshepherd #aussiepuppy #squat #squatchallenge

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  1. Educational videos

With at home training continuing, followers are still in need of new information and helpful advice regarding workout kit.

Trainer Tuesday@emmakirkyo

Emma has done a great job at implementing ‘Trainer Tuesday’ as a way to inform her audience about new Under Armour gear and provide useful tips. Videos include shoe reviews, learning the life span of your running shoes, footwear advice, and more.


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Trainer Tuesday ???? This week I’ve gone simple and highlighted key terms you’ll hear brands and companies talk about when they discuss footwear! Footwear is mad. On the earth there are what 7billion odd people, maybe 1% of those people run, yet in the running shoe industry there’s maybe (random guess) 1,000 running shoe variations? All these different feet and only X amount of shoes ????????‍♀️ Therefore, knowing how you like your shoes to fit and understanding the key areas of the shoe will help you get a step closer to understanding what’s best for you! Upper: simply the outer material in the top of the shoe. A strong well made upper is the foundation to an amazing shoe. Midsole: The cushioning layer of the shoe, where if support is needed will be customised here. Outsole: The outside or bottom of shoe where the tread is. Heel counter: Area that holds the heel. Toe box: Area where the toes lie, ideally always has room in toe box-never cramped! Instep: area of height in some feet and can be a pressure point for some. Simple but I hope that helps your Trainer understanding a little further ???? #TrainerTuesday #UARunning #Footwear #RunningShoes

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  1. Podcasts

A great way to talk to your audience and keep them engaged with new and relevant content is through podcasts. Talk with guests about the current struggles and provide inspiration for staying active.

The Curious Climber Podcast by @hazel_findlay

In the Curious Climber Podcast, Hazel used this as an opportunity to discuss the science of COVID-19, what makes it different and what the global pandemic means for climbers.


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We wouldn’t usually post two episodes in one day but things are moving so fast we didn’t want to make this irrelevant by the time we released it. . In this episode virologist Levi Yant walks us through the science of Covid-19. We discuss what a virus is, what makes Covid-19 different, why we’re in a global pandemic and what we can do about it. If you’re feeling confused by all the information out there and you’re unsure of what is right and wrong in this mad new world we live in, take a listen. . Levi Yant has a postgraduate degree in Virology in HIV vaccine development. After forming a research group in evolutionary biology at Harvard, he moved to the University of Nottingham and is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is also a climber of 20 years. Thanks so much @leviyant #curiousclimberpodcast @minaclimbing thanks so much to @alex__dempsey for getting this edit down ASAP

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Keep Running Podcast by @armana_rai and @rachel__stringer

Keep Running Podcast, presented by ex-international runner Rachel Stringer and running influencer Armana Rai, shares their experiences, discussions with inspiring runners, and motivation for your next run.

Additional podcasts from the Freestak community:

  1. Positivity and encouragement

Our survey to the community also found that 80% of respondents are providing more positivity throughout their content as a way to stay creative and motivate followers. Whether through inspirational messages or team encouragement, many content creators are helping to keep spirits lifted.


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???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????????????????. ❤️ . Zeiten wie diese ist es so wichtig das wir zusammenzuhalten. Ein extra Telefonat an einem alten Freund oder Mutti machen, ein extra warmes Lächeln an der Kassiererin bei Aldi geben, einfach zeigen wir schätzen einander. . . Wir bei @runaside_squad wollte euch ALLE ein liebes ❤️ schenken! Möchte du auch jemand eine Freude machen, bitte gern unten in einem Kommentar deine Lieben taggen. . . ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @k_gvalls @marco_espunkt @foehrlaufen @runfit_nora @laufziele @_sicht_weise @the_running_motivation @running_krister_alter_schwede @running_love_lux @malle2212 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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We did it! Another week of working from home. ✅ Nice work y’all. ???????? It’s been fun talking FITNESS everyday with my work team! There are 12 of us on a group text, and everyday people have been sending pics from their rides and runs, and then there’s me with my strength workouts. ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️???????? I love that we’ve found a fun way to bond remotely over something that I obviously care a lot about. Also, I’m v inspired by coworkers who weren’t cyclists a few weeks ago, and now are doing 100 mile weeks. What??!! ???? . Today was a killer full body @madeline_moves workout with a heavy glute focus and it was just what I needed! ???? Happy Easter Weekend!! ????????????????

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Have you done something creative lately with your content or activities? If so, we’d love to share it with the community! Send any inspirational posts or links to laura@freestak.com.


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