Freestak Pulse is your way of keeping up-to-date on what it means to be an influencer. Our mission is simple; we want to change the way that brands and influencers find one another and work together.

One of the most exciting aspects of working with influencers in running, cycling, triathlon and the outdoors, is the diversity amongst this growing community.

  • Influencers create content and share their thoughts on every platform available;
  • They have different areas of interest within their chosen sports;
  • Some focus on video whilst others are all about the written word;
  • Some are seasoned experts whilst other are beginners charting their personal journeys.

Whilst diversity is a great quality, there is also data to be gathered and interpreted about influence as a whole. That is why we have created the Freestak PULSE report.

Why we created the Freestak PULSE report

As brands become more and more interested in working with content creators and influencers, it is important for both sides to understand as much about how they can and should work together as possible.

We want to give influencers the tools to grow their audiences and improve the way they communicate. We also believe it is important for those people creating and sharing content to understand what it is that brands are looking for.

We continue to produce reports that inform brands about the influencer world. We help brands understand the best way to find the right influencers and how to work with them in a way that both parties get the most out of their collaboration.

Freestak PULSE will also allow us to measure the changes that are taking place in running, cycling, triathlon, outdoors and adventure. By creating regular reports based on surveys, we can track developments and spot trends, bringing them to the community we work with.

How we created the Freestak PULSE report

The method for this report is really simple;

  • We asked influencers and brands about how they work with one another.
  • We also looked at examples of great collaborations and used our experience to establish a snapshot of the influencer world in endurance sports, outdoors and adventure.
  • Early this year we sent a questionnaire to hundreds of influencers, including everyone on the Freestak Platform.

If you are already a member of the Freestak Platform you will be included in the data collection for the next survey. If you are not on the Platform, you can apply to join by clicking here. Another questionnaire was sent to dozens of brand marketers responsible for influencer collaborations.

  • We also carried out a number of interviews with people responsible for working with influencers at leading brands involved in endurance sports, outdoors and adventure. These interviews allowed us to add rich detail to the information we gathered from the questionnaires that were completed.

We collated and interpreted all of the data we collected.

The result are reports that you can access for free to help you understand the influencer world.


What you can get from reading the Freestak PULSE reports

The reason that we have set up the Freestak PULSE reports is to provide influencers and brands with a tool to understand the current state of the influencer ecosystem. In the report you can see some of the ways influence and content creation is changing over time.

In the current Freestak PULSE report you can see;

  • Why influencers choose to work with brands
  • What sorts of collaborations influencers are involved in
  • What brands look for in influencers
  • Why influencers are so important to brands
  • and much more

We believe that by giving influencers (and brands) an insight into how each other views content creation, social media, collaborations and the opportunities available, they will be able to do more together and create even more great content and experiences.

To get a copy of the report, simply follow this link and join our mailing list to receive it straight away.


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