Noteworthy Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Content creators and social media have drastically changed the entire marketing and advertising industry. With influencer marketing, brands now have the opportunity to connect with audiences on a real, more personal level and reach customers they may not have otherwise.

Below are some important benefits of influencer marketing and why our Freestak content creators think they’re important to the growth of marketing and the endurance sports community.

Honest reviews from real people

A brand advertisement is more so a promotional tool meant to convince an audience to make a purchase. Whereas an ad posted by an authentic content creator provides an honest, trustworthy review of the product. Customers are able to see the products being used by ‘real people’ throughout their ‘real lives’ and not just through perfectly executed ads.

“I think the value of an influencer is often downplayed,” @fatgirlfit2015 said. “When in fact most people appreciate an honest review or to know what an everyday person thinks of something rather than just what the marketing blurb may be.”

@obutterwick believes that seeing products being used by ‘real people’ vs. professional athletes or celebrities provides a true reflection of a brand and its products. “The impartial advice and opinions shared [by content creators] are invaluable to customers.”

Learning from other people is the best thing anyone can do, according to @emajoyc. It’s about trust, honesty and sharing experiences that help us better one another. A trustworthy relationship between honest content creators and their followers is something @capturebensw believes can open people’s eyes to new ways of thinking and broaden the mind on new possibilities.

Genuine reviews will not only bring content creators closer to their followers, but it will provide valuable feedback to the brand and give a better understanding of the product in use. Thus, allowing the brand to develop new ideas on how to improve it in the future and better serve its customers.

Reaches a more targeted audience

Working with content creators also allows brands to connect with audiences on a more personal level and reach a more targeted group.

For example, 361° is constantly striving to expand its reach. By connecting with influential runners who align with their brand ethos, they are instantly put in front of the eyes of thousands of potential, relevant customers. The brand is not only getting more exposure from dominant content creators but connecting directing with a following that has an aligned interest.

“We are the direct customers and represent a range of customers the brands can target through us,” @lucieags said. “It speaks more to people to see the products on us than on a regular model they don’t know.”

Through content creators, brands can deliver awareness through the voice and engagement of creative content and reach an audience that relates directly to what they stand for. It is low cost for brands to use a channel that potentially reaches out to thousands, if not millions, and it hits the right audience when directing it to the right community, @ultralan said. “This will only work by brands doing their ‘homework’, to target the right influencer and know whether they are the right fit.”

It’s a win-win relationship.

Similar to content creators, brands also face the challenge of constantly having to develop eye-catching social content in order to stand out. And to attract new leads and customers, @runner_blogger_az emphasizes the need for brands to have a strong social media presence. Which ultimately means quality content.

Through collaborations with content creators, brands obtain an endless collection of creative, unique content that can be re-purposed and used throughout their own social accounts and marketing campaigns. Thus, also creating further exposure for the content creators and an expanded platform to project positive messages.

Here you can view a re-post by a 361° Ambassador who has been promoted throughout the brand’s content, and below are examples of re-purposed photos from content creators used for the 361° social account.

“If managed correctly the relationship between content creators and brands can be a hugely powerful tool,” @richwillrun said. Athletes can receive support and backing from a brand to excel in their sport, while brands get authentic publicity and an archive of content.

Builds a community and confidence

One of the most powerful impacts of influencer marketing is the motivation and confidence that it brings to a community. By opening up marketing efforts to content creators and ambassadors, brands can create more community-based messages and unite groups of like-minded individuals.

Through the 361° Ambassador program, content creators are able to unite with one another, share stories and create inspiring memories together. As a result, this can motivate their followers along the way to create and achieve their own dreams.

As part of @jimmidnicholls‘s day job, he works as a brand with a handful of very gifted athletes and content creators, many of whom he’s developed long-lasting friendships with.

“I want to see them grow and develop as people, and it’s incredibly rewarding to be part of their journey.” @jimmidnicholls

When brands utilize content creators to develop a community, it creates a sense of belonging for any followers who begin to use these products. As content creators share their journey with a brand and how its products have helped him or her develop as an athlete, followers can feel a sense of confidence that they too can achieve the same.

Remember the power of influence.

Just as content creators can build confidence and an inspirational community, they can just as easily influence followers in an unhealthy way. Which is why you should always be conscious of the type of content you’re producing and what effect it will have on your followers.

For example, younger audiences can be easily susceptible to jump on a new fitness craze or ongoing skinny, clean eating fad, especially if they see their favorite content creator posting about it. If used in an unhealthy manner, @capturebensw mentions how this can have a damaging effect on young minds.

“As content creators we have a responsibility to create content that’s wholesome and ethical, that portrays and protects young people from this kind of content,” @capturebensw said.

Remember to only promote products and brands you trust and believe will have a positive impact on your audience. Align yourself with a movement or message that will inspire a healthy change among your followers.


  • Influencer marketing generates an honest, real outlet for audiences to gain valuable reviews and recommendations for brands and products.
  • Content creators allow brands to reach a target audience and speak specifically to those who will benefit most from their products.
  • Collaborations benefit both the brand and the content creators through mutual promotion and recognition.
  • Relationships between content creators and brands create a community of like-minded individuals who are given a platform to create change and inspire confidence in others.
  • Support and promote brands that have a meaning to you.


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