We were recently approached by the Times looking for help with an article about the ‘new wave’ of runners and the emergence of a more urban, young demographic who are lacing up their trainers and hitting the pavements.

Found mostly in urban areas – in particular cities like London, New York, Paris, Copenhagen and Tokyo – are the new breed of running ‘crews’ – different from running clubs in that they are less about pure performance and more about community and shared experiences. They are also extremely style-conscious.

The Times looked into how these groups were starting to emerge as a force within the running industry, not just adopting but dictating styles and driving demand for functional running apparel and footwear that doesn’t look out of place in a bar or cafe, post run.

We talked at length with the journalist behind the piece, advised him on a number of other people to talk to about the article and also provided some thoughts around the ways that Like the Wind magazine has emerged at the same time as these running crews which are so full of creative people looking to make running part of their urban lifestyles.


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