DSCF1979We started working with Dirty Dozen Races, an obstacle course race company, at the end of last year and one of the things that they have really embraced is the idea that people – customers – value stories and that they are a fantastic way to engage with people. Doug Spence – the race series founder and an enigmatic character with a high profile in the obstacle course race sector – has written some fantastic posts about himself, the ways that he challenges himself and his love of OCR. Through these candid posts he has seen the power of stories.

To build on the great start we have had engaging the OCR community, we created a campaign for Dirty Dozen around recruiting a team of 12 obstacle race enthusiasts who will represent the brand, be coached by Doug, encourage one another and race together.

IMG_7664The team recently came together for the first time to learn techniques and to get to know one another, at an obstacle course that Doug has built in his garden, known to everyone as the Backyard Jam. It was a great opportunity to meet all the characters and discover more about their personal stories that we will be sharing with the OCR world over the coming months. It was also a chance to sample probably the most amazing brownie ever made, thanks to Doug’s partner. Well, the Dirty Dozen team deserved a treat after all the obstacles that Doug put them through.


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