Lowe Alpine working with Freestak for the Aeon product launch
freestak | 11 March

We are delighted to announce that we’re working with Lowe Alpine on an influencer marketing campaign for the launch of

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Why and How to Ask Influencers for What You Want
freestak | 25 January

Getting One of the Basics of Influencer Marketing Right The reason that some forward-thinking brands are focusing their marketing energy

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Two minute video: how to attract the right influencers to your campaigns
freestak | 25 October

You already know that the times are a’changing. That traditional media is not delivering in the way it used to.

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Freestak’s week in Chamonix for UTMB 2016
freestak | 1 September

Helping running brands, talking about running, talking with runners and doing a bit of running We’re fortunate to have just come

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The problem with aiming for ‘authenticity’ whilst insisting on keeping control
freesimon | 7 December

As a brand, if you want to control the message, buy an ad. With an ad you can write the

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