Stance has an unrivalled reputation for uncovering the uncommon. In every sector the brand launches a range of socks, Stance seeks out the Uncommon Thread. So with the launch of the cycling sock range in Europe, we knew that we had to embrace that ethos.

We also wanted to ensure whatever we organised would encapsulate another key part of the Stance brand – the idea of being Never Idle. That is why we proposed that the centrepiece for the event would be bike racing with the Rollapaluza team.

Here is how the evening went down …


For those who don’t know, Rollapaulza is fixed gear bike racing on rollers. The racing is usually head-to-head. And the key is fast and furious pedalling. And we really do mean fast and furious!

The bike sock range launch saw cyclists coming from every corner of London to the Stance store in Covent Garden (if you haven’t been yet, it is worth checking it out). With copious quantities of rum supplied by Sailor Jerry and a DJ keeping the vibes strong, it wasn’t long before a pair of riders climbed onto the static bikes to see how fast they could ride the equivalent of 250m. With a leaderboard in place and a prize of £200 for the fastest male and female riders to spend in the shop, the stakes were high.

Of course, once the first two riders had faced-off, competitive nature kicked in and bragging rights pushed the level of competition and the noise from the crowd watching the action even higher.

This was raw, raucous racing. Certainly no one at the event who pitted themselves against another rider could be accused of being idle!

As the evening developed, the faster riders started to post times that put them at the head of the leaderboard. But everyone had a go. Uncovering the uncommon is not just about who is the quickest – style and attitude counts and there was plenty of that as many people went back time and time again as they found another rider to challenge.

But there was always going to be a pair of winners.

The semi-finals were really close affairs. With everyone crowded around the riders, the noise was notched up another level. And the riders really gave it their all. Bragging rights and Stance products were at stake.

The women’s final was contested between Yewande Adesida and Nicole Oh followed by the men’s final between Tom Howell-Jones and Kris Snell.


Yewande won the women’s final continuing a dominant display that she had shown throughout the evening. In the men’s final Tom cliched the win but only by the tiniest margin, keeping the crowd on tenterhooks right to the very end.

Stance is always seeking the uncommon. The launch of their new bike sock range delivered just that; a great fun, raucous night where everyone had the chance to test themselves and have a huge amount of fun at the same time. Everyone went home with a pair of the new bike socks and some great memories of a night that truly was never idle.

Thanks to Stance, Sailor Jerry and Rollapaluza for being part of such a memorable night.


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