The Enriching Life Experiences of Content Creators

Creating unique, engaging content and sharing your passion with others can have many rewards. It can be a motivation for others, create connections with like-minded communities, and develop lasting relationships with brands and fellow creators.

“The most rewarding thing for me is to meet new people, people who tell you that they love your work and that you have inspired them,” @runnersan said.

Below we’ve compiled just a few of the major benefits of being a content creator and what our community feels is most rewarding from working in this industry.

Unforgettable and exclusive opportunities 

Putting the time and effort into becoming a content creator can open up a lot of opportunities, more notably with the support of brands. Collaborating with brands doesn’t just bring in free product, but it creates a supportive relationship that can turn into life-changing experiences.

As an athlete, the most memorable moment for @jo.runs.n.stuff was completing the London Marathon in 2018, which was her first marathon. She had watched the event growing up but never dreamt she’d run it herself. 

However, through content creation and collaborations, she landed a spot with Runners World and Vifit Sport as part of their Mission Marathon campaign and was able to work with Olympian Jane Vongvorachoti (@janeruns4life) as her coach.

I know that without their support, I would never have achieved what I did, and I am always so incredibly grateful when people and brands offer the chance to work with them, and this is something that I always try to get across in my content. I don’t take any of these opportunities for granted!

Being a content creator has also allowed @sports_insider_magazin to experience situations he would not have otherwise. His work has led to unforgettable opportunities including running with Olympic athletes and gaining valuable advice about their training and nutrition as well as exclusive access to events and gear.

“There are so many great memories, like riding bike with Jens Voigt, running with Eluid Kipchoge, climbing with the blind climber Andy Holzer … [to name a few],” he said.

Community and life-long friendships

We’re all about community here at Freestak and love hearing the stories from all our creators how being involved in different endurance communities has impacted not only their sport but their lives.

As an ambassador for 361° Europe, @aprettyplacetoplay has gotten the opportunity to spend time with many amazing athletes around Europe of whom inspire her every day to push herself in many aspects.

It’s amazing to be able to connect with other athletes and share stories. The group really does Go Beyond Expectations, and when all your mates are pushing themselves and going further it’s very hard not to do the same yourself!

Beyond the brands, creating content also connects people from all around the world simply by following one another’s journey and creating virtual friendships. 

Last year, @humanoidgirl was invited by an Instagram friend she’d been speaking with for a while to spend a long weekend with her in Chamonix. 

“We had never met in real life, but I felt like I knew her already, and the weekend was just a blast,” she said. “We shared runs, food, laughs and our friendship that was created through social media expanded and bloomed in real life. We now talk on a daily basis and are planning our next adventures.”

Become an inspiration and motivational icon for others 

One of the biggest rewards for content creators is the ability to help, motivate and inspire others.

“I love connecting with people and hearing that I’ve helped someone, whether in terms of training or motivation,” @AnnaTheAppleblog said. “I just love that part of social media.”

It can also be very humbling for content creators to know that they are being recognized not only by other athletes, but young children who look up to them for their courage and life experiences.

The most memorable moment for @capturebensw, came when he was in Scotland at a national race, a few hundred miles from where he lives. While pushing up the side of the track a child around 12-years-old stopped him and said, “You’re that guy who did that mega inspirational video about coming back from a broken neck.” 

True I had, but to have a 12-year-old kid hundreds of miles from my house come out with that, really made me realise that what I was doing could have an impact. 

Through sharing their own experiences, content creators are able to show audiences each step of their journey and that reaching your goals is possible. When people tell @elmcthunderthighs that they took their riding further or to a different discipline because she showed them it was possible, it fuels her content. 

“This has inspired me to always relate to where I was 2 years ago and to make my journey as transparent as possible – so that anyone can see the process by which I came to be where I am now and see that when you break it down it is something that they themselves can do.”

Deciding to become a content creator and sharing your journey with others brings endless stories of achievement, new opportunities and inspiring moments to cherish. With the support of brands and endurance communities, our creators are able to experience their dreams and motivate others to chase their own.

What do you find most rewarding about being a content creator? 


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