Are you an agency? Are you looking for a platform to manage your clients’ influencer marketing programmes efficiently?

As you know, in the past few years, forward-thinking brands have understood that collaborating with influencers and content creators is a great way to talk to customers in an authentic, interesting and engaging way. Your clients have probably been asking you to launch or manage their one-off influencer campaigns or ongoing ambassador programmes.

But as an agency, you are probably painfully aware that there are problems with this;

  • It is hard to find the right influencers, certainly in numbers that will make a difference;
  • Once you have identified some influencers that you think might be right, briefing them on what you are trying to achieve is complicated and time-consuming;
  • Having selected and briefed some influencers, knowing what they are doing takes a vast amount of man-power;
  • And finally reporting on influencer activity – crucial if you want to understand whether what your client is spending is having an impact – is often slow and inaccurate.

If you manage influencer marketing on behalf of brands, then it is crucial that you use the best tools to avoid the following issues:

  • Wasting Time: looking for influencers, assessing their suitability and contacting them all takes time.
  • Lacking Clarity: one problem that we see all the time is influencers not understanding what the brand is asking for and what exactly is on offer.
  • Missing Opportunities: manually searching for influencers can often result in missing some excellent people who would be perfect for the campaign.
  • Losing Track: without the right tools, keeping track of who is doing what is very difficult and time consuming. This means measuring ROI is an unreliable, manual and costly work.

How can your agency work better with influencers?

The Freestak platform allows you to manage your clients’ influencer activity better. Here’s how:

  • Search: If you need new sports influencers to work with, the Freestak platform has over 900 with a combined reach in excess of 17 million people.
  • Run Campaigns: The Freestak platform allows you to launch a campaign in minutes. It displays what is required and what the brand is offering. No more confusion.
  • Select: Once influencers have applied to be part of your campaign, assessing their suitability, selecting or rejecting them takes minutes, not hours. You can generate a pdf of your shortlist for your client to pick from.
  • Monitor Campaigns: Your campaign dashboard displays your clients’ campaigns’ reach and engagement; it lists the best and worst performers and show all the campaign’s posts, from all social channels, in one place.
  • Manage Ambassadors: You can add your own (or your clients’) influencers to a private Ambassador Area, where they can be monitored and managed efficiently.
  • Product seeding: Send products more efficiently by downloading csv files of your campaigns’ participants for mail merges or to print labels.
  • Report: Download reports and posts’ overview in both csv and visual form.

What is next?

We developed the Freestak platform because we had been managing influencer marketing campaigns manually for years. If you are managing influencer activity and ambassador programmes for your clients, you should test our platform.

It’s available from as little as £338/month. Take a test drive now.


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