The (big) business of athletics events
freesimon | 19 April

There are some events in athletics that really catch the public’s imagination – big city marathons (especially the World Marathon

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Fake it and you (probably) won’t make it
freesimon | 13 April

Occasionally we hear people saying that you have to ‘fake it until you make it’ and whilst there is value

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People and brands on social networks: where the differences exist
freesimon | 4 April

Social networks weren’t created for brands. They were created for people. At the heart of every social network, is a

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Running Mags on Twitter: A little exercise in engagement
freestak | 17 March

As far as readership and longevity is concerned, Like the Wind Magazine – our side project – is still in

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Who are you talking to?
freesimon | 2 February

We regularly tell clients that social networks are like a room full of people and brands have an opportunity to

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The price of £0.50
freesimon | 26 January

Today I found myself in the centre of London and I passed an independent newsagent, which looked as though it

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Sign up or sign in?
freesimon | 4 January

A brief study of a few random social media sites has illustrated the range of ways in which those sites

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Don’t want to get bad reviews? That’s fine.
freesimon | 19 November

At the moment there is a story running around the internet about a hotel in Blackpool, the Broadway Hotel, that

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There is always a gap in the market
freesimon | 11 November

For many companies the aim is to find a gap in the market: find an area that can be dominated,

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Who wants to ‘ask the audience’: the benefits and pitfalls of social media
freesimon | 13 August

In the popular game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the contestants, stuck on a question, can use one

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