Exciting new updates have come to Instagram.

If you’re an avid video creator or looking to expand your video content, then this one is for you. Content creators now have IGTV, a personal TV network at their fingertips. The recently launched app is a place to create your own channel with multiple videos in one place without intertwining them with other posts, feeds or stories.

As opposed to videos that are posted on Instagram, IGTV allows users to create videos that are up to an hour long. The videos are also full screen and vertical making content viewable how people use their phone regularly.

How do I start?

You can begin by simply downloading the app, clicking on your profile picture and following the steps to create a channel. Once you have your own channel, you’re then able to upload previously recorded videos from your camera roll.

Your followers can easily view your videos directly in the app or through the IGTV icon on your Instagram profile via mobile. They are also able to like, comment and send videos.

Who uses IGTV?

Anyone can create a channel. Whether you’re an established content creator, a growing influencer or a prominent brand, IGTV is for everyone.

A valued brand we work with, Stance, recently stepped up its marketing game by joining the IGTV community. Head over to their Instagram profile @stancesocks on your mobile phone or check out their channel directly within the IGTV app.

Some of our content creators within the Freestack community have begun developing their channels as well. Take a look at some unique ways to utilize the app by checking out these profiles: @culli_runs, @runtothefinish and @themarathonmarcus.

What do I post?

A great way to use IGTV as a content creator is for posting longer video reviews of products you may be testing or creating exiting promos. You’re able to expand on the length and detail while still having it a part of your Instagram brand.

It’s also a useful tool for documenting your progress via an adventure, race or workout. Express your journey as an influencer or ambassador by giving your audience an inside look into your daily routines and the products you use.

Overall, IGTV is an opportunity to expand your personal brand and grow with the developing technology. Take advantage of new outlets to share your content and provide your followers with a variety of viewing options. Give yourself an edge above the rest as a content creator.


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