Top Tips for Content Creators to Appear More Personable on Social Media

(Bonus: Fun facts about the Freestak team)

Advertising and marketing as a brand can oftentimes come off as commercial or difficult to relate to causing some people to tune out. However, a major benefit of marketing via content creators is the ability to relate to your audience in a more personable way.

As social media continues to develop as one of the major marketing tools, it becomes more of an opportunity for content creators to really stand out. Your audience wants to see that you’re an actual human and not just a robot spitting out product reviews. Learn to tailor your content in a way that helps it become more relatable to your audience.

Be real.

To become more personable, it’s important to be real and candid with your experiences. People are more inclined to relate to someone who is honest about his or her journey rather than someone who is trying to be something they’re not.

“Be yourself, stay close to who you are. That makes it real, and that’s what followers want.” @runwithjoy.ce

Show your audience that you are more than just words and pretty pictures, show them who you really are as a person – flaws and all.

  • Post a throwback photo that shows your lifestyle changes.
  • Share that sweaty post-run photo.
  • Be candid with your insecurities and express how they motivate you.
  • Show pride in who you are.

Express your personality.

Alongside being real, becoming more personable also means showing your personality. Don’t go forgotten or unnoticed with boring, repetitive content. Find your voice and express a vibrant side of yourself that’s welcoming to your followers.

“Use your own unique voice. Don’t just try to copy all the established influencers, but stay true to your own personality and style.” @jo.runs.n.stuff

Whether that’s via comedy, outrageousness, global impact or good old fashion happiness, your content should portray your individuality and character.

Identify your audience and talk to them.

You’re a content creator for a reason – you want to share the knowledge you have with an audience and inspire others. But this shouldn’t only be one-sided. Allow your followers to feel included, and let them know that you value their input as well.

  • First, identify who your target audience is. Gain insight through data, social analytics, and general engagement to discover key demographics and other helpful information.
  • Once you know who you’re talking to, create dynamic engagement – ask questions, get their opinion on trending topics or take polls. @ultralan has found that engagement with your audience is one of the most important things to remember as a content creator.

“Talk to your followers, show them your human side and not just an online profile.” @ultralan

Opening the floor to your audience allows them to be more connected to you as a person rather than just a social media page they follow.

Share who you are outside of your niche.

If you are a runner and create content, then it only makes sense that your feed is dominated by motivational running posts. However, by no means is that your entire life and persona. Let your followers get to know some of your quirks or other unique things about you outside of running.

@thefitwanderluster has done a fantastic job at not only staying authentic to her personality but being candid in a personable way.

As we encourage you to share other sides of who you are as content creators, we want to give you a bit of insight into who we are as individuals here at Freestak. Following the lead of @thefitwanderluster, below are three fun facts about each of us.

 Julie Freeman, Co-founder and COO
1. Julie has made 4 wedding dresses (incl. her own).
2. She was bitten by a monkey at the circus.
3. In a 60km mountain race, she waited 20 minutes at an aid station for a fresh batch of noodle soup.

Simon Freeman, Co-founder and CEO
1. Simon took up running just before he turned 30. Eight years later he ran 2:37:07 at the London marathon.
2. When he’s not working or running, Simon has a passion for photography, especially street photography.
3. When he was at university in his early 20’s Simon loved DJing trance and house music under the moniker DJ Azure.

Georgia Brookes, Account Manager
1. Georgia’s younger sister is her best friend and the coolest person she knows.
2. She wrote her history dissertation on gender discrimination in snowboarding.
3. Georgia grew up in New Zealand, lived in France for 10 months, and worked in Malawi and South Africa.

Laura Funk, Community Manager
1. After saying, “I could never run a half marathon,” Laura proved herself wrong and finished one 2 years later.
2. She was born with the name Candace Christine until the nurse introduced her as ‘Candy.’
3. Laura has more fears than she’d like to admit, so is conquering them one adventure at a time – including swimming with stingrays and waterfall rappelling.

Yvette Casallas, Campaign Assistant
1. Many years ago Yvette took up Taekwondo and even did her first fight competition.
2. She has a Latin American background and loves to dance. She took ballet and also did street dancing.
3. Yvette has played softball since 2012 and was selected for the Softball Advertising League rookie team and traveled to America to play.

Remember to give your followers something extra. Authenticity, personality, engagement, and relatability all play a factor in becoming more personable, and we hope we’ve provided you with some more ideas to stand out from the rest.

How do you make your content more personable? Share some advice in the comments below.


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