Your design team has just made an innovative game changing product. How do you make sure that message reaches the right audience? Are your marketing communications doing your product justice? Partnering with content creators will solve that problem.

The new. The cool. The rad. We all love ideas. Ideas come in two stages when it comes to product – function and benefit. Your design team will be the brains behind what the product does and why it changes the wheel. It is our job as marketeers to show what that wheel looks like and how things are gonna roll now. At Freestak we believe that partnering with content creators to help deliver that message is the way brands can authentically SHOW not TELL.

Creative Messengers

Social ambassadors can be the brains behind the creative message. The guns for hire. At Freestak we have a pitch function on our platform where influencers create the words and video to showcase products. They sit therefore between the design team and the audience that product is designed for. The fact that their audience also happens to be your target audience is an added benefit (and another super important reason you should be getting them involved in your launches and campaigns).

“These guys make stuff look really cool”
– Anon, Team Freestak

I don’t think this team member at Freestak was saying your product is just stuff, as we only work with brands who come up with great ideas. Your product is likely pretty cool, but only a select few will find a tech sheet demonstrating function interesting or relevant. For others – read audience, target customer, end-users, or whatever you want to call the most important person in the ideation process – it is more relevant to see how a product or service works in its natural habitat. The benefit.

Alex Valdman’s Story (he’s Head of Design at Rapha)

The best thing about this video? Is Alex Valdman. In this example we see one of the afore-mentioned ‘product’ guys who then also feature as the ‘content messenger’. His story is awesome. The product – Rapha clothing, quote for ‘ride, race, commute’ also happens to pretty cool. Hats off to the content team at Rapha for choosing Alex as messenger of his own ideas. We feel that Alex, that Rapha, should do more of this, and work with content creators to help him spread his story, spread his message, spread the word about his products*.

Freestak Content Champions

This is what we at Freestak believe our platform offers. Yes we offer reach, social engagement and all that other really important stuff that helps a brand catch fire. But, perhaps more importantly, we help guys like Alex (and the marketing teams that support him) find content creators to tell the story; the story of the brand and of the product in a genuine way. The platform community want to tell their own story highlighting a brands product and its raison d’être. And when they do, the result is authentic and engaging – they will promote the benefit of a product as well as the function. Because they are often as passionate about problem solving as Alex is.


If you are a brand looking for a creative messenger or want to know how to access the Freestak endurance network please feel free to get in touch.
(also) Alex
Digital Marketing Manager, Freestak


Photo / Video credit: Rapha
* N.b. we also think that Rapha do do this really well when they do do it :p


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