Clearing leaves on a windy day: why timing your social media well is crucial
freesimon | 7 December

This week the UK has been battered by storms with a surprising intensity that caught a few people unaware. The

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Social media success: a commentary…
freesimon | 30 November

What is the role of the commentator? The best commentators make good sport great. They add colour, romance and depth

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The right and the wrong types of social media distractions
freesimon | 20 November

Companies often talk about ‘using’ Social Media to engage with potential and existing customers. But we think that misses the

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Why twitter should be like a face-to-face conversation. But isn’t.
freesimon | 16 November

We came across this interaction on twitter this morning: And it brought home to us, something that we talk about

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Total control vs. authenticity – what is best for engagement?
freesimon | 8 November

I was recently at the Sports Tech Innovation Summit at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in north London. Whilst there I got

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Do Vines define the future of interaction with customers?
freesimon | 14 October

At the recent Festival of Marketing, we were treated to a talk by Ian Padgham, who describes himself as a

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Content is still king
freestak | 3 October

Freestak attended the #EdgeLondon Conference along with 100+ other marketing professionals to explore various aspects of digital marketing including content,

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Perfect or now?
freesimon | 18 September

Social networks are changing the way people communicate, socialise, work together, create and interact on all sorts of levels. For

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All spiders spin webs
freesimon | 10 September

No matter whether a spider is a tiny spec or the giant kind that sends you recoiling from the bathroom

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Organisations with an investment in making sure social media fails
freesimon | 17 July

In our last post we had an extract from an interview with musician/entrepreneur/geek Will.I.Am in Wired magazine. It was such

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