Why millennials are the DIY generation. And what that means for you.
freesimon | 9 January

In Campaign this week, Jamal Edwards, the founder of SBTV, writes about what 2016 holds in store for brands trying

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How creating stories comes first for specialist running retailers
freesimon | 19 December

Freestak CEO Simon was recently invited to talk at the Nike RSG (Running Speciality Group) Summit in the UK, on

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The problem with aiming for ‘authenticity’ whilst insisting on keeping control
freesimon | 7 December

As a brand, if you want to control the message, buy an ad. With an ad you can write the

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How to Ruin your Career with a Button
freestak | 31 July

We’ve all done it. Said something unnecessarily nasty in a bad mood, vented frustration or tested the waters with a

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freestak | 24 July

A year or so ago, I dabbled in triathlon. After a few small races, I very quickly realised my weakest

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Shark Attack by the sponsors… or was it
freesimon | 23 July

A few days ago a surfer, by the name of Mick Fanning, was taking part in a surf competition –

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The Influence of the Influencer
freestak | 22 July

People don’t like being sold to. In fact, not only do they actively try to ignore it, they simply don’t

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The Rise of The Run Commuter
freestak | 15 July

Last week saw many runners swap their Oyster (the pre-pay card that commuters use to travel on the London underground

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Newsletters or Salesletters - 3 Tips for Effective Sport Newsletters
Newsletters or Salesletters?
freelenka | 14 July

A newsletter in its much older printed version as well as in its younger, online form has been on the

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Stories and their place in the world
freesimon | 30 June

Last night I had the opportunity to talk at the last of four conferences called Running Dialogues. This was a

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