Noteworthy Benefits of Influencer Marketing
freestak | 20 March

Noteworthy Benefits of Influencer Marketing Content creators and social media have drastically changed the entire marketing and advertising industry. With

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Five Common Challenges with Influencer Marketing
freestak | 6 March

We live in an age when anyone with access to the internet can create and distribute content about any subject.

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Steps to Take in Developing Brand Collaborations
freestak | 5 March

Developing Brand Collaborations We asked the Freestak community what their best piece of advice was for developing brand collaborations. The

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Three Ways to Use Freestak
freestak | 5 March

DIY or let us take the strain… Working with influencers is a hugely effective way to ensure your brand messages

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Top Tips for Content Creators to Appear More Personable on Social Media
freestak | 18 February

Top Tips for Content Creators to Appear More Personable on Social Media (Bonus: Fun facts about the Freestak team) Advertising

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The Freestak Sports Influencers Community in Numbers
freestak | 11 February

As of January 2019, the Freestak sports influencers community was 1,100 influencers strong, with a combined reach of over 20m

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Influencer marketing events – useful and informative or just an echo chamber?
freestak | 31 January

Blogosphere: Serious Influence live podcast event Last night (30.1.19) our campaigns team went to the live recording of Blogosphere’s podcast;

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hashtag background photo by Elena Koycheva @Unsplash
#ad: Disclosure in influencer marketing
freestak | 23 January

Content creators: When do you have to tell your audience you are in brand partnerships?* We believe that influencer marketing

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Authenticity and Working with Brands
freestak | 8 January

Authenticity and Working with Brands Authenticity can be seen clearly on social channels with strong personal brand objectives, creative vision,

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Year-End Influencer Meetup Recap
freestak | 14 December

Year-End Influencer Meetup Recap A night of insight, industry experts and networking brought together a room full of content creators

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