As a content creator, you have a network of peers who look to you to inspire, inform and perhaps even entertain. Right?

Right. But when working with brands, they will need you to introduce products by discussing technical features, often using promotional language. How then can you communicate with your audience so they feel involved and interested in your journey whilst ensuring you stick to brand narrative? In this article we present some quick and easy Freestak takeaways for you to incorporate into your blog posts that might keep your fans and readers engaged.


It sounds self evident, but when introducing a brand to an audience, an influencer should do just that – introduce. Not just how the product has happened to reach them, but what problem it solves. Essentially, explain how the product serves your current or future endeavours. Begin your review by providing this insight and your audience will likely continue to engage with the rest of your post.

Benefits vs Features

Probably the most important takeaway from this post. For many, a demonstration of technical features won’t actually mean that much. In fact, detail can disenfranchise an audience from the intended call to action. When working with a specific product, the designer is responsible for explaining the technical feature. Your task as an influencer is to demonstrate to your peers how these specifications will be of positive benefit to them.

Reliably Inform

As you will likely be informing and guiding your audience (eventually to a transaction) it is important that the message you deliver is credible and reliable. When introducing a brand, your endorsement will feel 100% more authentic if you have actually tested the product in question. So show that you have actually been for a spin or trodden the trails. Not only will the product be better represented, but your credibility as an influencer enhanced. An example of someone who is good at this is Ethan Newberry, aka The Ginger Runner . Ethan’s reviews are engaging because he actually puts mileage in the shoes being tested, his posts are credible as they are based on personal experience. High-five Ethan. ??

Inject Humour

Another thing that Ethan does (yeah yeah we are fans) is ensure that his Vlog is entertaining. The problem with producing content requiring a certain number of key words is the post becomes jargon-y and less engaging. A stylistic tip here is to use humour to keep your audience on side. Remember to be yourself, otherwise it might seem staged, but being candid can really ensure that your audience sticks with you throughout the entirety of a review. This is perhaps easier to incorporate when vlogging, but your written tone of voice can also keep a reader engaged.

Compare / Contrast

When discussing the benefits of a brand – how they have enabled you to become faster / safer / agile / economical – it is useful to explain how the product specifically has evolved from previous incarnations or is something completely evolutionary. Even without a direct comparison to another product, contextualising how your opinion was formed can be a powerful message and keep your readers in the know.
Does that give you a good starting point for your next product review? We hope so, let us know!


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