As of January 2019, the Freestak sports influencers community was 1,100 influencers strong, with a combined reach of over 20m across 36 countries, 4 main sports and 6 social media platforms.

Quantity: The average reach on the Freestak sports influencers community is 18,000 per content creator, and across our last 50 campaigns, our clients got an average of 100 posts per campaign – with an average engagement rate of 3.8%.

Quality: Did you know that 40% of influencers who apply to be part of Freestak fail our quality test and are rejected? All new applications go through a rigorous qualitative filter and our community managers look for obvious red flags such as fake followers, low engagement rate or inauthentic content. But they will also look beyond the biography at content consistency, tone of voice, and content quality and engagement rates in previous brand collaborations. This ensures a high-quality outcome for our clients’ campaigns.

Freestak Sports Influencers Community media feed aggregator
Freestak Sports Influencer community per channel

Our channels: we collate our content creators’ posts from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook pages and Strava. When looking for a particular influencer, this ‘at-a-glance’ overview allows our clients’ to quickly see all of the content posted recently across all channels – a very useful timesaver for your marketing team or your agency (see screenshot above).

Geographic spread: our sports influencers community spreads across 36 countries in Europe, the UK, USA/Canada and Australia. We are growing rapidly and when particular countries are important to a client, our community team will recruit content creators specifically for that territory.

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