Running to and from work is increasingly being seen as not only a great way to tick off a few miles each day, but as an environmentally friendly, cost effective and safe way of commuting. However in comparison to traditional forms of commuting, it is still in its infancy. There are certainly no brands looking at the ‘run commute’ sector as a growth area.

ashmei, however, designs and manufactures the perfect kit for running to and from work: made from merino wool, it is hard-wearing, stylish, cool in summer and warm in winter, ethically sourced and, best of all, not prone to stinking in the way that synthetic fabrics do. So we created a campaign called the RunCommute to inspire, educate and create a community for those people who pull on their running kit to get to work or back home again.

With a microsite aggregating tweets and other social media mentions , extensive social media out-reach activity and a public relations push, the RunCommute created quite a community buzz and appeared in the Metro, on the GQ blog, on the Guardian Running Blog and on a huge number of blogs and social media outlets, creating awareness of ashmei as a brand and specific focus on the benefits of merino wool in general and ashmei apparel in particular.


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