Our client Xempo is focused on achievement. Whether that is the elite end of the scale or those bringing up the rear, everyone is encouraged to celebrate their achievements.

In order to help runners even more directly, Xempo provided pacers for the Ealing Half Marathon and the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon in 2013. We wanted to add to the feeling of achievement that Xempo gives runners and so we came up with the Xempometer – a wheel showing the times that relate to the coloured tops that Xempo sells.

Through Xempo’s social media outlets (primarily Facebook and twitter) as well as at the events themselves, we told runners about the Xempometer and those who completed either of the two Xempo-paced races were invited to spin the Xempometer to indicate their personal time and have their photograph taken. We then took their email address and sent them the picture free of charge.

The runners were able to celebrate their achievement and received a lovely memento of the event for free. Xempo had the opportunity to engage with the runners at the event, drawing them in to their pop-up shop, and follow up with an email containing the runner’s photograph along with some details about Xempo products. The photographs were also fed onto Xempo’s social media outlets to engage with runners who weren’t at the event.


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